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Lawn Maintenance

Let MW Lawn and Landscape, Inc. take care of all your lawn's needs. Whether residential or commercial, our employee’s attention to detail will keep your lawn the envy of your neighbors. We expertly perform all of these services:


Turf grasses are generally mowed to maintain a manicured look for your lawn. To achieve and maintain the best turf is not only a chore but an art. It entails mowing turf at appropriate heights and frequencies to ensure actively growing and attractive turf. When mowed too short, turf can become open with a poor root system, allowing weed invasion. Tall turf is often considered to be unattractive portraying an unkempt appearance. Therefore it is important to find the balance that produces attractive, healthy turf in an efficient manner.

Mowing Picture

MW Lawn and Landscape, Inc. can expertly manage your lawns needs for you. The lawn is mowed on a diagonal basis in a striped pattern. In addition, the lawn is gone over in two directions to encourage an upright and evenly manicured lawn. Clippings are not bagged unless otherwise specified by the homeowner. Returning clippings to the turf has several benefits. When clippings are returned, a small quantity of organic matter and substantial quantities of mineral nutrients are returned to the soil, contributing to improved soil conditions.

However, if your lawn is especially long we do recommend bagging as long clippings may contribute to thatch build-up. Our blades are set to a height of 3" while mowing the lawn unless otherwise specified by the home owner. Finally, our blades are sharpened daily to prevent the grass from tearing and looking ragged.


Home lawns can be improved through the proper use of fertilizers. Excessive amounts or the wrong type of fertilizer will not provide an effective treatment for your lawn. The proper amount and scheduling of fertilizer application depends on a variety of factors including the source of nitrogen, soil type, type of turf grass, and weather. For fertilizer and pesticide applications, it pays to hire trained professionals who know when and how to apply these chemicals in a manner safe to you, your neighbors, the plants, and the environment.

Our Company is State Certified and Licensed to apply pesticides and fertilizers and are trained in applying them. Rather than taking the risk of damaging your lawn let MW Lawn and Landscape, Inc. handle this maintenance for you. We recommend the following Seven Stage Program:

This is a pre-emergent with fertilizer.  This is a split application of your pre-emergent for season long protection of grassy weeds such as crabgrass, foxtail and goose grass along with broadleaf weed spray for any existing weeds.

This is the 2nd part of your pre-emergent control of grassy weeds along with a blanket spray for all broadleaf weeds and fertilizer with root stimulator for the turf to help with a deeper root system to survive the Summer heat.

This is a balanced Summer fertilizer to help the turf sustain and push through the mid-west heat and humidity along with season long weed and nutsedge control. 


This application is performed the same day as the Summer Fertilizer, and this insecticide will control grubs for the entire season.


Broadleaf weed, grassy weed and nutsedge control as needed. The technician will also provide you with a lawn renovation at this time.

This Fall fertilizer is designed to help your lawn recover from Summer stress, along with your season long weed and nutsedge control.   

This fertilizer application is the most beneficial and crucial to your lawn, this fertilizer allows the plants to store nutrients through the Winter and will provide the early green up you desire when soil temperatures start to warm the following Spring.

Fertilizer Technician

*May be adjusted due to weather conditions
Additional Applications Available: Lime, Preventative Fungicide, & Flea & Tick.

We also offer Tree & Shrub Applications to help control disease & insects to help keep your plants & shrubs healthy. We recommend the following six treatments:

Dormant Oil (February)*

This treatment controls insects and mites overwintering in the egg stage and other immature stages. This will help reduce insect and mite population for the coming season.

Crabapple & Pine Protection (March-April)*

This treatment controls early disease that appears in crabapples, Austrian and Scotch Pines. This early defense will set the table for proper disease control all season.

New Growth Protection (April)*

The New Growth Treatment will continue in the control of disease in all potentially susceptible tress and shrubs. Also, it will control early insect populations for the season.

 Early Season Protection (May-June)*

The Early Season Treatment provides continued protection for insects and mites as pest pressure and populations attempt to increase. Also, it controls the disease pressure as they head in to the summer months.

Late Season Protection (July)*

The Late Season Treatment continues controlling potentially damaging insect populations, while hitting mites hard at their highest populations of the season.

Deep Root Fertilization (October- November)*

This provides a balanced nutrient solution to the plants and root system, which helps plant vigor and health, and prepares it for the winter season.

*May be adjusted due to weather conditions
Additional Tree/Shrub Applications Available: Emerald Ash Borer, Japanese Beetles.


Automatic irrigation systems are convenient, especially for those who live a busy life. If installed and programmed properly, automatic irrigation systems can save you time and money. In addition, they can improve your property value while ensuring a lush, green lawn, spring through fall.

Sprinkler Install

MW Lawn and Landscape, Inc can professionally design an irrigation system that targets water distribution with precision. Your system will place exactly the right amount of water on specific lawn and garden areas so that water is not wasted. Moisture-sensing devices that can automatically turn off your system when it rains are also available to aid in water conservation. We use Hunter or Rain Bird parts for all our sprinkler installations however we are experienced in working on all sprinkler systems.


MW Lawn and Landscape, Inc. can maintain your irrigation system from the spring turn-on through the winter turn-off. MW Lawn and Landscape, Inc. will set your business or home on a schedule which will include system run through with head adjustments, adjusting your clock with the changing weather and any needed repairs. Call today to have your irrigation system professionally managed by MW Lawn and Landscape, Inc.


Turning your lawn into a true work of art is a lot easier when it can be maintained by an irrigation system. MW Lawn and Landscape, Inc. can irrigate your flowerbeds and landscape beds with an irrigation system that works best with your plants and flowers. From drip irrigation systems to underground systems, MW Lawn and Landscape, Inc. can help you decide what will turn your lawn into a masterpiece.

MW Lawn and Landscape, Inc. is eager to maintain your irrigation system from the spring turn-on through the winter turn-off. MW Lawn and Landscape, Inc. will set your business or home on a schedule which includes 1, 2 or 3 system run through to ensure that your irrigation system is running properly and that it is in-sync with the changing weather conditions.

All our technicians carry an array of parts with them in case of emergency. Being prepared is what sets us apart. If your system requires any repairs, our sprinkler technician is trained on all systems and can quickly repair the problem for you. In addition, our technicians are trained and certified for backflow inspections which are required for Olathe Homeowners or Commercial Properties in all cities.


Soil compaction can be caused by aging lawns or lawns that sustain heavy use. Soil compaction is typically most severe in poorly drained or wet areas. Compaction greatly reduces the space within the soil that would normally hold air. Roots require oxygen to grow and absorb nutrients and water. Compaction has a negative impact on nutrient uptake and water infiltration, causing a physical barrier to root growth.

Aerating, Cutting and Seeding

Thatch is a layer of material between the green blades and active roots of a lawn. It builds-up faster than normal if a lawn has been over-watered or over-fertilized. If the thatch layer is too deep, keeping a lawn healthy can become a challenge.

Soil compaction and thatch are both culprits to a deteriating lawn. To combat these processes MW Lawn and Landscape, Inc recommends either Aerating or Verticutting along with seeding.

Aerating and or Verti-cutting can benefit your lawn by:

  • Decreasing Soil Compaction.
  • Penetrating Heavy Thatch.
  • Increasing Water, Nutrient and Oxygen Movement into the Soil.
  • Decreasing Water Run-off.
  • Enhance Soil and Root Growth.

For a professional evaluation of your lawn to see if either of these services are needed fill out the Request an Estimate form.


Details, details, details. It is always the details that stand out the most. Whether you are looking for maintenance of your business or your home MW Lawn and Landscape, Inc. will help maintain your lawn by taking care of the details. MW Lawn and Landscape Inc. offers general lawn maintenance services which include: Weeding, trimming bushes and trees, leaf clean-up, mulching, rock installation, bed definition/edging and drainage.

Once a beautiful lawn has been achieved there will always be general maintenance to maintain the beauty. Let MW Lawn and Landscape, Inc. put their attention to detail to work for you.

General Lawn Maintenance

Mulch helps minimize weeds, conserve moisture, moderate soil temperature, and make your yard aesthetically pleasing. Mulched plants generally grow much better than similar, unmulched plants in the same garden. There is a variety of mulch colors to choose from in addition to several rock options that will offer the same benefits.


Outdoor Lighting not only increases the security and safety of your home and its surroundings, it expands your living space to the outdoors. This makes your home, lawn, and garden more beautiful, more functional and more inviting. Landscape lighting highlights striking architectural features and creates garden focal points using a variety of landscape lights. No matter how you choose to use Outdoor Lighting, you will increase the value of your home and property. MW Lawn and Landscape, Inc. will professionally design your outdoor lighting to highlight your homes grand features. For a professional evaluation of your homes needs fill out the Request an Estimate form.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting Benefits:

  • Beautifies your home and landscape.
  • Enhances your shrubs, sidewalks, gardens, entryways and other special features.
  • Creates security and peace of mind by lighting high-traffic walkways and dangerous stairs.
  • Brightens your outdoor leisure areas such as gazebos, patios, and swimming pools.