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Why Us

Opportunity awaits

Working in the lawn & landscape industry isn't easy but it is rewarding. If you love being outside, working with your hands, and want to have a career where you take pride in creating and maintaining beautiful yards for the nicest customers, then this career could be perfect for you.

Here is the BASIC stuff you need before applying:

  • Be physically fit with a keen attention to detail; this is hard, physical work that requires stamina
  • Problem solving skills to troubleshoot any issues that may arise
    Have a desire to get things done with a sense of urgency
  • Take direction well & follow instructions 
  • Take pride in your work and completing it correctly
    Have the willingness to work in a team & to better the company as a whole
  • Have the desire and initiative to grow within your position and the MW team

How we do it

All positions in Landscape Construction, Lawn Maintenance, Irrigation and Administration start at a competitive hourly rate, but we want you to earn as much as possible! We have a system that provides team members with a clear outline of requirements for each position within MW. At the same time, it helps team members identify specific goals to improve their skills and move within the company. We have yearly meetings to review these skills, pay level, as well as to set future goals.

If you have the desire, you can work up to a top-end hourly rate leading others within your position. After that, maybe a position in management is on your radar. Our goal is to grow and promote our Leaders from within as they are the foundation for making MW Lawn & Landscape one of the best places to work and it keeps us all on the same page. Whatever your goal, all of our employees have the opportunity to grow within the company!

Mission Statement & Core Values

We find that our mission statements helps set the bar for the company as a whole and for all employees to have the same goal. We are always striving to be better and our mission statement and core values are the foundation for our strong business.

Dependability means we show up, every day, prepared and aspire to be on time and complete our jobs to the customer’s standards.

Respect means that we respect ourselves, our co-workers, our customers, our work place, our equipment, our properties, our environment. We will respect each other’s differences and not discriminate.

Integrity means we will follow through with what we say we will do. We will be honest and fair. We will treat others as we wish to be treated. We will have a high regard for our management, co-workers, vendors and customers.

Versatile means that we will be easily adaptable to changes which may include weather, co-workers/staff, policies, processes. We will be flexible and open minded to change. We will cross train and allow growth within ourselves.

Efficient means that we have a plan and that we do it right the first time. We work smarter and not harder. We will complete our tasks on time and with little waste. We will be responsible for our equipment, tools and products used to minimize waste.


We believe that our core benefit of working at MW is the environment. We are a team who work together through every step of the day to ensure the quality of our work. But we are also more than that. We become friends, we know each other's families, and we genuinely like coming to work each day. We celebrate our hard work with monthly employee BBQ's, a yearly party including employees & their families, and we reward hard work with employee of the month recognition, weekly meetings, and longevity and loyality with competitive raises & bonuses.

We keep this environment by attracting and hiring only the brightest and best. We do this by offering tangible, competitive BENEFITS that raises the bar within the landscape industry and have a great work-life balance. We take the time to work through our HIRING PROCESS to make sure each candidate is the perfect fit for our company. We can only provide an exceptional customer experience if we are able to attract the best people and reward them accordingly.

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